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 Shrimpbox Farms

Shrimpbox Farms are the first AI-powered, hyper-modular aquaculture facilities designed to allow the production of the freshest, most sustainable shrimp on the planet. Shrimpbox Farms enable local shrimp to be grown anywhere in the world, even in urban and colder climate areas, increasing the ROI of shrimp farming while significantly decreasing environmental impact.

Site requirements to begin

  • Minimum



    20 Shrimpboxes (SBx)

    50 Shrimpboxes (SBx

    100 Shrimpboxes (SBx

  • Land: 0.5 - 2.1 acres 

    Building Space: Minimum of 23,000 sq ft

    Ceiling Height: 15' - 40' for stackability

  • Voltage  - 208-240V, 3-phase

    Current - 60 A

    Electric Connection - 3-phase, Neutral & Earth

    Electric Plug - 63A 3P + N + E 6H Industrial Plug

    Power Usage - 3700  kWh/month

  • Evaporation

    Treatment Recovery

    2,100 gallons per month

    500 gallons per month

Virtual Tour

Explore Our Indianapolis Farm

10 yrs

Revolutionizing Shrimp Farming with Shrimpbox

Our Shrimpbox technology is changing the way shrimp is produced, making it accessible, ethical, and highly efficient. Explore our website and discover that we not only cultivate shrimp; we are pioneers in providing an innovative solution that has the potential to transform an entire industry. Our 40-foot containers work seamlessly together to form modular farms, easy to operate and manage remotely by systems that allow 24/7 monitoring and critical decision-making without the need for highly specialized personnel.

From Request to Onboarding

Joining the Shrimpbox community is a straightforward process: submit an application, we'll assess it and assist you in designing your farm; then, we'll reach commercial agreements and provide you with comprehensive training so you can operate your farm and start reaping the benefits quickly.

Start your journey for a Shimpbox Farm

10 yrs

Shrimpbox farms
Shrimpbox farms
Shrimpbox farms
Shrimpbox farms
Shrimpbox farms

Farmer´s Request

Initial Assesment

Current physical space, infrastructure, labor availability, etc. 

Financial resources and credit access

Product - scale potential, region, customers, and price



General responsibilities of each party

Support and relationship managment

Financial plan

Projected P&L


Farm Project

Farm visit

Go to Market

Farm desing and level 1 engineering

Procurement and Logistics

Training Program

E - Learning Platform

Initial training timline - 3 weeks

Explore the Future of Farming

 Ideal Farms

10 yrs

No matter where you are in the world or what climate you inhabit, Shrimpbox Farms offers a revolutionary solution to shrimp farming. With our cutting-edge hardware, we can install farms in snow-covered landscapes, bustling urban areas, or even desolate deserts, all within proximity to the end consumer.

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