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Revolutionize Aquaculture for a Nutritious & Sustainable Protein Future

At Atarraya, we have the mission to revolutionize aquaculture for the benefit of humanity and the planet. Our goal: to create the world's most sustainable protein, high-quality shrimp, while safeguarding our marine resources.

Decade of Innovation and Commitment

Atarraya Team

Our ten-year history has been a journey of innovation and perseverance. We started with the ambition to transform the shrimp industry into one that is more sustainable and accessible. Over the years, we have upheld our principles of quality, and transparency, growing into leaders in sustainable aquaculture and contributing to the development of stronger, environmentally conscious communities.


Meet the team

Behind every innovation and success at Atarraya, there’s a dedicated and talented team. They are the heart of our mission, blending their passion for sustainability with deep technical and business expertise. Each member brings a unique perspective, enriching our company with a diversity of ideas and solutions.


Daniel Russek

Business and food expert, a leader in healthy and sustainable food.

Daniel Russek CEO Atarraya


Tuuli Nummi

Expert financial strategist, crucial for stability and growth.

Tuuli Nummi Atarraya


André Freitas

Biofloc specialist and sustainable aquaculture pioneer.

 Andre Biotech Atarraya


Our Journey Through Time

Explore Atarraya's evolution with our interactive timeline. From the early stages to becoming a leader in healthy and sustainable food, each milestone reflects our commitment to innovation and excellence. Follow our journey, marked by key achievements, significant expansions, and groundbreaking advancements that have shaped our history and future.

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