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Join us in this revolution!

We must bring food production back into the natural cycle of life. 

We need to reimagine how we produce food to encourage a virtuous cycle that promotes the recovery of our natural environment and produces healthier food. 

We are implementing protocols for soil recovery and scalable methods to nourish the world. Inclusive business models will empower communities and ensure our food remains fresh without relying on chemical additives.

The path to a new Food System

Atarraya has dedicated over ten years to developing the technology and processes to transform shrimp farming into a local, and sustainable model for the future of our food system.


Here are some case studies that illustrate the integration of Atarraya’s shrimp farming operations with other industries, creating a network of sustainable practices.

Shrimpbox® Farms Data Centers:

Data Centers provide the foundations for our digital economy, which will only expand its footprint in our lives. But, the externalities imposed on local communities cannot be ignored: they impose high energy demands with minimal job creation. Therefore communities and utilities, especially those with competitive electricity rates, resist new Data Center installations.

We present a solution to bring harmony between our digital (global) needs, and our physical (local) realities: Colocating Data Centers and Atarraya Shrimpbox Farms will turn energy waste into an engine for the future of food.

Data Center and Shrimp Farming

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture offers a solution to the urgent need for sustainable food production. Learn how regenerative practices can restore soil health, enhance biodiversity, and mitigate climate change. Download our free guide now to unlock the secrets of regenerative agriculture and join the movement towards a greener, healthier planet. Leave your details below to access your copy today! 

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